About us

After years working in ‘Digital’, we noticed that there are still a lot of companies struggling with transforming their company. They know that they have to, but where to start? And what is our starting point? This gave us the inspiration to start with a Digital IQ audit and the 5th Discipline Canvas workshops.

Shareholders / participating companies

Cambridge Innovative System Solutions Ltd.
OwnVentures B.V.


Emir Dzanic Ph.D.

Innovation and management consultant got his PhD on ‘Organisational culture and open innovation’. With his thorough knowledge about culture and innovation, combined with Digital Technology knowledge Emir engineered the core of the Digital IQ. His entrepreneurial mindset coupled with the approach of a researcher complemented with practical experience is of tremendous value to the team.

Amir Sabirovic BSc

Professional speaker & storyteller, Life & business strategist, Artificial Intelligence protagonist and devil’s advocate. Amir tied his experience in various technological markets from Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and 3D Printing into an idea which came to life. His practical experience with each of the technologies and the daily challenges of the organisations integrated the start of the 5th-Discipline journey.

Jeroen Mol BSc / BBA

The entrepreneur with a strong focus on doing it differently by combining new and existing technologies. From VR to AR, Blockchain and a wide range of digital technologies, start-ups and scale-ups Jeroen is the technical and practical core of the team. He steers the development and puts the ideas of the team in practice.

Ready to get started?

We are people persons and believe in genuine connections. Whether you want to talk about high tech, nature and culture, innovation or just have a good cup of coffee. Please contact us and we will see each other very soon. We look forward to meet you.